1939 register

RG101/6809G, Schedule Number 74

Samuel Richard Aze living at 17 Reform Street, Barnstaple. Old age pensioner. Widow. Date of birth given as 16 February 1861 (birth certificate says 12 Ferbruary). Living with Arthur Popham, born 24 April 1891, married, general labourer; Olive D Popham, born 16 September 1893, married, domestic duties; Ray Popham, born 28 March 1924, general labourer; Betty Popham, born 12 July 1929, school and someone whose record is officially closed.

RG101/6809E, Schedule Number 140

Charles Aze living at 34 Princes Street, Barnstaple. Born 8 April 1879. Occupation: General labourer. Living with (inferred) wife Sarah A Aze, born 14 January 1887, cotton presser.