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AZE surname

The Aze surname has been around in the UK since 1196 and probably earlier, with Sir Geoffrey Aze making sure he was mentioned in the Sussex County Rolls for his charitable giving. These days there are not many Azes around – something like 60 in the UK, all of whom can trace their ancestors to two families that were living in Barnstaple, Devon in the mid 1800s.

The rarity of the name makes it a gift to people researching their ancestry or doing a family tree. This wiki is the result of a branch of the 21st century Azes sharing some of what we know about our branch of Aze genealogy. If you recognise your forebears in the information here, or you have further information to add, please do get in touch. ku.gro.eza@neg

This is very much a work in progress. We'll add bits (transcribed from scraps of paper mostly) as time allows.

Family tree

Selected descendants of William Aze, showing the prevalence and distribution of the Aze surname.

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Selected Azes

(Lots more on file waiting to be added.)

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First name(s) Surname at birth Year of birth Year of death Ref
William Aze (probably) c. 1754 1842 019
Grace (not Aze) c. 1757 1851 017
Samuel Aze c. 1799 1839 028
Grace (not Aze) c. 1803 1873 013
Grace Aze c. 1807 1877 018
Ann Aze c. 1822 1840 095
Grace Aze c. 1826 Unknown 020
Jane Aze c. 1826 Unknown 021
Mary Ann Aze c. 1834 1869 014
John Samuel Cross Aze 1849 1857 016
William Aze c. 1836 1925 001
Ann Cockram c. 1839 1924 002
Sarah Aze c. 1838 1931 015
Mary Jane Aze 1856 1909 003
Ann Aze 1857 1859 101
William Henry Aze 1859 1932 004
Samuel Richard Aze 1861 1945 005
John Henry Aze 1863 1920 012
Walter Aze 1864 1876 030
Frank Aze 1866 1934 022
Alfred Arthur Aze 1868 1868 039
Arthur Aze 1869 1870 040
Arthur Aze 1871 1876 031
Philip Aze 1872 1922 011
Annie Aze 1875 1920 023
Charles Aze 1880 1942 024

Mentions of Azes in historical records

Azes Lane, Barnstaple

All of the Azes living in the UK today derive from two families living in Barnstaple in Devon in the mid-1800s. They even had a street named after them, although most of it has since been demolished as part of a slum clearance programme. Just a bit of Azes lane remains, about 20 metres long and ending at a car park.

Azes Lane, Barnstaple, 2014

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