Samuel Richard Aze 005

Samuel Richard Aze, 1861-1945

Reference number 005.


12 February 1861.[1] Informant: William Aze.



  1. Ernest Walter Aze 1883
  2. Blanche Aze 1886
  3. Lily Aze 1888
  4. Ivy Aze 1891
  5. Olive Aze 1893

+ 1 other child who died according to the 1911 census.


Bessie Prust. Married 1882 Q4[2]


Died 1945 Q2, age 84.[3]


Known as Richard.[4]

Samuel Richard appears in the following records:

From birth until at least the 1881 census, Samuel Richard is living at home in Pilton with his parents and siblings. By 1891 he is living in Newington Street, Barnstaple with his wife Bessie. Censuses show 5 children living with them, although the 1911 census reveals he had 6 children, one of whom died. In 1939 Richard, then a widow, is living in Barnstaple with his daughter Olive and her family.


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