Charles Aze 024

Charles Aze, 1879-1942

Reference number 024.


8 April 1879.[1]



  1. Arthur Edward Sanders Aze 1902

In the 1911 census Charles states that he has one living child. This child was presumably born after the 1901 census as Charles is not living with anyone listed as his children at that point (nor is he married). All births registered with surname "Aze" between 1901 and 1911 have known parents except Arthur Edward Sanders Aze, born 1902 Q2, in Barnstaple. Therefore by elimination he is assumed to be the child Charles refers to in the 1911 census. Unfortunately Arthur cannot be found in the 1911 census, making this theory difficult to prove one way or the other without his birth certificate.


First wife is unknown without looking at the marriage certificate, but there is a reasonable chance it was Edith Sanders (1878-1960). Married 1901 Q4.[2]

Second wife was Sarah Ann Kidwell (1887-1963). Married 1930 Q4.[3]


1942 Q2.[4] Age 63.


Charles appears in the following records:

Up until the 1901 census, Charles is living at home. Later in 1901 he married and in 1902 his son Arthur Edwards Sanders Aze was born. By 1911 he is lodging in Barnstaple, and not living with his son or his wife, although he still states that he is married (for 9 completed years, i.e. the 1901 marriage). In 1930 he re-married and was still living in Barnstaple by the 1939 register. His occupation is listed as wood sawyer or turner, and later general labourer. In the death records his name is given as William C Aze, but everywhere else it is just given as Charles Aze.


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