Grace Aze 017

Grace Aze (maiden name unknown), c. 1757-1851

Reference number 017.


In the 1841 census, she is given as age 84 giving a calculated year of birth of approximately 1757.

In the 1851 census she gives her age as 97 giving a calculated year of birth of 1753/54. However this is probably wrong. We know that at the time of the 1851 census she was in the last 3 months of her life and may not have been clear thinking. It may be that in the 1851 census she gave the year of birth of her late husband, through confusion.



  1. Ann Aze 1786
  2. Mary Aze 1789
  3. William Aze 1790
  4. Judith Aze 1797
  5. Samuel Aze 1799
  6. Grace Aze 1808
  7. Andrew Aze 1809


William Aze. This is inferred from 1841 census where she is shown living at 3 Back Lane, Instow with William Aze.


1851 Q2.[1] From census of 1851 we know Grace was alive on 30 March 1851. St Catherine's House records show death of a Grace Aze in Q2 1851. The next Grace Aze death is not until 1873 which is too late for someone born in 1757. Hence we conclude the Q2 1851 record is for the death of this Grace Aze.


Grace Aze appears in the following records:

Following her husband's death in 1842, she lived with her daughter Grace Aze 018 in Instow, as shown in the 1851 census.


  1. Death records, Barnstaple, vol 10, p24