Grace Aze 018

Grace Aze, c. 1807-1877

Reference number 018.


In the 1841 census she is given as age 34 giving a calculated year of birth of 1806/07. In the 1851 census she is given as age 43 giving a calculated year of birth of 1807/08. In the 1861 census she is given as age 54 giving a calculated year of birth of 1806/07.


Grace Aze 017 is listed as this Grace Aze's mother in the 1851 census, and so William is assumed to be her father.




1877 Q3.[1] Age 74.

Of the four Grace Aze deaths recorded in St Catherines House, this is the only one that could be attributed to this Grace. St Catherines House records show the deaths of four Grace Azes. The death from 1851 is known to be Grace Aze 017. The death from 1873 is assumed to be Grace Aze 013, as the death was registered in Barnstaple where she was living in the 1871 census.

One of the other remaining two deaths was for a child age 0, so we know that this is not this Grace Aze. The one remaining death was registered in Croydon in Q3 1877, for a Grace Aze age 74. This would give a year of birth of 1802/03 which doesn't quite match with the years of birth indicated by the earlier censuses, however it is possible that it is our Grace and whoever was the informant didn't know her exact age. It was also recorded in a similar area to where she was last known to be living, in the census of 1871.


Grace Aze appears in the following records:

In 1841 Grace was living with a family she was working as a servant for in Plymouth. In 1851 Grace was living with her elderly mother Grace Aze 017 in Instow and working as a school mistress. In 1861, after her mother died she was living with a family in Bishops Nymptom, Devon, working as their cook. In 1871 she was living with another family in Lambeth, again working as their cook. As she is unmarried in the 1871 census, it seems that she was never married or had children.

The age for Grace Aze in the 1871 census of 56 is slightly off as that would make her born in 1814/15. However there aren't any other Grace Azes that it could be so it almost certainly is her and she just forgot/lied about her age or it was misrecorded.


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