1851 census

HO107/1893/540, p7

Grace Aze 017 living at Instow Quay, Parish of Instow. Age 97. Occupation: pauper. Born in Barnstaple. Living with daughter Grace Aze 018. Age 43. Occupation: school mistress. Born in Instow.


Grace Aze 013 living at 97 White Hart Street, Parish of Pilton. Age 48. Widow. Occupation: sorter of rags. Born: Cullompton.

Living with daughter Mary Ann Aze, age 23, single, sorter of rags; daughter Sarah Aze, age 12, home and grandson John S Aze, age 2.

HO107/1892/228, p17

Hannah Cockram living at 8 Boden's Row, Parish of Barnstaple. Age 11. Occupation: lace worker. Living with father Richard Cockram, age 35, Ag. Lab; mother Jane Cockram, age 35; sister Emma Cockram, age 9, scholar; brother William Cockram, age 7, lace threader; brother Richard Cockram, age 5, scholar; brother John Cockram, age 2 and brother Phillip Cockram, age 2.