William Henry Aze 004

William Henry Aze, 1859-1932

Reference number 004.


1859 Q4.[1]



  1. Nellie Fenella Aze 1887
  2. Maud Mary Aze 1889
  3. Annie Aze 1891
  4. William Aze 1893
  5. Ethel Aze 1896


First wife was Ellen Gill (c. 1857-1887). Married 1885 Q3[2].

Second wife was Priscilla Carter (1861-1952). Married 1888 Q3[3].


Died 23 January 1932.[4] Age 72. Living at 23 Fort-street, Barnstaple. "Probate Exeter 2 March to Maude Mary Aze and Ethel Aze spinsters, Effects £465".


William appears in the following records:

The censuses show William living at home in Raleigh with his parents and siblings until at least 1881. He was a lace twister from at least age 11. William doesn't appear in the 1891 census. By 1901 he is living in Bicton street, Barnstaple with his second wife Priscilla and their children. The dates show that his first child Nellie was by his first marriage (this is confirmed by the 1911 census which states William and Priscilla only had 4 children together).


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