1901 census

RG13/2150/45, p5

William Aze living at 2 Alma Place, Parish of Pilton East. Age 66. Occupation: wood sawyer. Living with wife Ann Aze, age 65; daughter Mary J. Aze, age 44, glove machinist; Annie Aze, age 25, glover and son Charles Aze, age 21, wood sawyer.

RG13/2143/86, p34

Sarah Biddle living at 33 Princes Street, Parish of Barnstaple. Age 63. Born Barnstaple. Living with husband Robert Biddle, age 64, lace twister.

Living at 29 Princes Street is son John Biddle, age 30, lace twister and his wife Henrietta Biddle, age 28.

RG13/2143/120, p19

S.R. Aze living in Newington Street, Parish of Barnstaple. Age 39. Occupation: sawyer. Widower. Born in Barnstaple. Living with son E.W. Aze, age 17, cabinet maker; daughter Lily Aze, age 13, housekeeper; daughter Ivy Aze, age 9 and daughter Olive Daisy Aze, age 7 (all born in Barnstaple).

RG13/2143/135, p50

William Aze living in Bicton Street, Parish of Barnstaple. Age 41. Occupation: cotton twister. Born in Barnstaple. Living with wife Priscilla Aze, 39, born Leamington, Warwickshire; daughter Nellie P Aze, 14; daughter Maud M Aze, 11; daughter Annie Aze, 9; son William Aze, 7, and daughter Ethel Aze, 4, all born in Barnstaple.

RG13/2143/44, p12

John Aze living at 2 Bedford Row, Boutport Street, Barnstaple. Age 38. Occupation: French Pollisher. "Own account". Living with wife Helena Aze, 35, son William Aze, 14, daughter Helena Aze, 12, daughter Annie Aze, 9, daughter Jessie Aze, 5 and son Henry John, 2, all born in Barnstaple.

RG13/2359/165, p31

Frank Aze living at 38 Dean Crescent, Bedminster, Bristol. Age 34. Occupation: Wood sawyer. Living with wife Maria, 35, born Instow; son Francis W. Aze, 5, and son Gilbert J. Aze, 2, both born in Bristol.

RG13/2150/45, p5

Philip Aze living at 95 Pilton Street, East Pilton, Barnstaple. Age 28. Glover. Living with wife Beatrice M Aze, 26, born Barnstaple, and boarder Alfred Facy, 31, labourer (glove factory).