1881 census

RG11/2250/94, p32

William Aze living in Raleigh, Parish of Pilton. Age 43. Occupation: circular sawyer.

Living there with wife Ann Aze, age 42; daughter Mary J Aze, age 24, gloveress; son William Aze, age 21, lace twister; son Richard Aze, age 20, circular sawyer; son John Aze, age 18, French polisher; son Frank Aze, age 14, lace twister (app); son Philip Aze, age 8, scholar; daughter Annie Aze, age 6, scholar and son Charles Aze, age 1.

RG11/2244/33, p26

Sarah Biddle living at 31 Princes Street, Barnstaple. Age 42. Born Cullompton. Living with husband Robert Biddle, age 42, lace twister; daughter Sarah J. Biddle, age 20, machinist at glove factory; daughter Mary A. Biddle, age 17, machinist at glove factory; son Frederick Biddle, age 15, lace twister; daughter Bessey Biddle, age 12, machinist at glove factory; son John Biddle, age 10, scholar; daughter Annie G. Biddle, age 8, daughter Bertha Biddle, age 5, scholar and son Arthur Biddle, age 2.