1891 census

RG12/1773/47, p6

William Aze living at 6 Gammon Lane, Parish of Barnstaple. Age 55. Occupation: circular sawyer. Living with wife Ann Aze, age 54; daughter Pollie Aze, age 34, glove maker (this is assumed to be Mary Jane Aze going by a different name); son Frank Aze, age 20 (wrong), circular sawyer; son Philip Aze, age 18, lace twister; daughter Annie Aze, age 16, glove maker and son Charles Aze, age 11.

RG12/1773/75, p2

Sarah Biddle living at 11 Princes Street, Parish of Barnstaple. Age 52. Born Barnstaple. Living with husband Robert Biddle, age 53, lace twister; daughter Bessie Biddle, age 22, cotton winder; son John Biddle, age 20, lace twister; daughter Annie Biddle, age 18, cotton winder; son Bertie Biddle, age 15, lace twister and son Arthur Biddle, age 13 (hard to read), porter.

RG12/1773/120, p23

Richard Aze living at 31 Newington Street, parish of Barnstaple. Age 28. Occupation: sawyer. Born in Barnstaple. Living with wife Bessie Aze, age 27, born Barnstaple; son Walter Aze, age 7, scholar; daughter Blanche Aze, age 5, scholar; daughter Lily Aze, age 3 and daughter Ivy Aze, age 4 months (all born in Barnstaple).

RG12/1773/92, p4

John Aze living at 16 Locks Court (?), Barnstaple. Age 28. Occupation: French pollisher. Living with wife Helena Aze, 26, son William Aze, 5 and daughter Helena Aze, 2.