Sarah Aze 015

Sarah Aze, c. 1838-1931

Reference number 015.


Approximately 1838. Various censuses suggest a birth year between 1837 and 1839. Her father died Q3 1839, so she must have been born before then.



  1. Emily Biddle 1859
  2. Sarah Jane Biddle 1861
  3. Mary Ann Biddle 1863
  4. Frederick Biddle 1866
  5. Bessie Biddle 1869
  6. John Biddle 1871
  7. Annie Grace Biddle 1873
  8. Bertie Biddle 1876
  9. Arthur Biddle 1878

+ 1 other child who died, according to the 1911 census.


Robert Biddle.

From marriage certificate:

  • Married 29 July 1857 in the parish of Pilton
  • Robert's surname written as 'Badle'
  • Sarah and Robert both give their age as "full age"
  • Robert's occupation is sailor
  • Robert's father is Robert Badle, a labourer.


Died 1931 Q1, age 93.[1]


Sarah Aze appears in the following documents:

In 1841, Sarah, an infant, is living with her mother Grace, both written as "Hayes". By 1851 they are also living with her sister Mary Ann and Mary's son John. By 1861 Sarah is living in Pilton with her husband and their first 2 children. The following censuses show them living with a total of 9 children, although the 1911 census reveals they had 10 children, one of whom was presumably born and died between censuses. In 1871 Sarah's mother Grace is living with them; she dies in 1873. From 1871 onward Sarah and Robert live in Princes Street, Barnstaple. Robert Biddle died in Q1 1925[2], and Sarah died 6 years later.


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