Grace Aze 013

Grace Aze, c. 1803-1873

Reference number 013.


Approximately 1803. In the 1851 census she gives her age as 48 giving a calculated year of birth of 1802 or 1803. In the 1861 census she gives her age as 57 giving a calculated year of birth of 1803 or 1804. In the 1871 census she gives her age as 66 giving a calculated year of birth of 1804 or 1805. In the England & Wales Civil Registration Death Index, the entry for her death in 1873[1] gives her age at death as 69, giving a calculated year of birth of 1803 or 1804.



  1. Ann Aze 1822
  2. Grace Aze 1826
  3. Jane Aze 1826
  4. Mary Ann Aze 1834
  5. William Aze 1836
  6. Sarah Aze 1838


Samuel Aze


1873 Q1.[1] We know that Grace was alive at the time of the 1871 census. St Catherine's House records show three Grace Aze deaths after 1871. One from 1877 relates to a Grace Aze born in 1877 so this is not our Grace. There is one Grace Aze death in 1873 and one in 1877, both show an age of death that is possible with our Grace Aze. But the death in 1877 was registered in Croydon whereas the death in 1873 was registered in Barnstaple, where we know she was living in 1871, so it is assumed that the 1873 death is our Grace Aze.


Grace Aze appears in the following records:

The 1841 census only contains three Grace Azes: her mother Grace Aze 017, her sister-in-law Grace Aze 018 and her assumed daughter Grace Aze 020. However there is a "Grace Hayes" age 40 living in Vicarage Street, Parish of Barnstaple with "Sarah Hayes" age 5. The ages are close to what Grace and her daughter Sarah would've been at that time. It also makes sense as Sarah is the youngest child of Grace and the only one not accounted for elsewhere in the census. There is also no record of a likely Grace Hayes or Sarah Hayes who these two could be instead. It is therefore very likely that this is in fact our Grace Aze 013 and Sarah Aze.

1841 census records show that her children lived in various places following the death of her husband Samuel in 1839. The eldest child Ann died in 1840. Her two assumed children Grace and Jane lived with family friend William White and his family. William and Mary Ann lived in Barsntaple Union Workhouse and her youngest child Sarah lived with her.

The 1851 census shows that Grace was living with her two daughters Sarah and Mary Ann, and Mary Ann's child John. In 1861 Sarah had moved out and Grace was just living with Mary Ann. In 1871, following Mary Ann's death in 1869, Grace moved in with Sarah, her husband and their six children, the census shows.


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