John Samuel Cross Aze 016

John Samuel Cross Aze, 1849-1857

Reference number 016.


4 January 1849.[1] Name of father left blank. Informant is Mary Ann.





Died 1857 Q2.[2] St Catherine's House records show the deaths of four John Azes. One occurred in 1843, before John Samuel Cross was born. One is for a John Aze who died in 1896 age 0, another is for a John Aze who dies in 1920 age 56, neither of which match a birth date of 1849. The remaining death is for Q2 1857, which must be this John Aze.


John Samuel Cross Aze can be found in the following documents:

In 1851 John is living with his mother Mary Ann, his aunt Sarah and his grandmother Grace.


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