Mary Ann Aze 014

Mary Ann Aze, c. 1834-1869

Reference number 014.


Different records suggest different years of birth: 1841 census, age 9, implies born 1831/32; 1851 census, age 23, implies born 1827/28; 1861 census, age 27, implies born 1833/34; Death Index, 1869, age 35, implies born 1833/34.

The 1841 census age is probably wrong as this would be given by Mary herself as she was living in the workhouse with no parents and probably didn't know her own age. Between the possible years of 1827/28 and 1833/34, the most likely explanation is that Mary lied about her age in 1851 to cover up the fact that she had a child (whilst unmarried) at 15 or 16, so 1833/34 is assumed to be the correct birth year.



  1. John Samuel Cross Aze 1849



Died 1869 Q1, age 35.[1]


Mary Ann Aze appears in the following records:

In 1841 Mary Ann is living in Barnstaple Union Workhouse with her brother William. In 1851 she is living with her widowed mother Grace, her son John and her sister Sarah. By 1861 her sister had moved out and she was just living with her mother. Both were rag sorters.


  1. Death records, Barnstaple, vol 5b, p361